Farm software for fruit & vegetable, loose leaf, coffee, tobacco, flower farming.

Maximum yield + best practices =MORE  FARM  PROFIT
Farm software for fruit & vegetable, loose leaf, coffee, tobacco, flower farming.
Farm software for fruit & vegetable, loose leaf, coffee, tobacco, flower farming.


Perform recalls in seconds, with full confidence of accuracy and reliability. Minimize risk by ensuring accurate traceability is automatically captured thru natural business processes, easily and quickly. Pass audits with ease and reduce compliance costs using farmsoft's automatic paperwork tools and features. Trace product both up and down the supply chain, over multiple companies (instead of the usual one up and one down traceability). Trace product back to a grower, area of land, crop batch/patch and all input materials and their related suppliers & batch/lot details. If you use farmsoft Post Harvest software, you can even trace product all the way to customers and invoices.


Planning is easy with automatic task creation to guide teams through the farming process. Plan entire crops for the season or even year with just a few clicks making farmsoft one of the best farm software solutions!  Reduce admin costs by collecting data in natural business processes during farming, reducing the burden on the admin team, and delivering automatic reporting without needing to compile spread sheets.


Farm tasks can be created automatically, you check their accuracy and adjust them if the weather or other conditions change.   The farming team is guided through farm tasks ensuring work is done at the right time using correct materials, and compliance data is captured at every critical point.


You know that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you know the auditors are coming the next day? Forget about about it. Using farmsoft, you have the confidence that you can do instant recalls, and generate any traceability, farm summaries, and farm records in a matter of seconds.


View costs in real time, down to a specific patch/block, or by farm site, crop, and variety.  Never have production cost shocks again.  Budgets are automatically created by the best practice system and allow projections for any period of time into the future, down to the application of a specific spray chemical or fertilizer.  


Optionally use farmsoft Post Harvest packing solutions that seamlessly integrate with the farming software for a complete enterprise management solution.

Implement a simple traceability solution, or comprehensive enterprise management solution – the choice is yours…      

For professional farming enterprises

farmsoft delivers special attention to each client – dedicated solution consultants, project management, remote or on-site training and deployment – guarantee a quality solution.  Enterprise farmsoft can be installed on your own server or accessed from farmsoft cloud – your choice.  We can make additions and changes farmsoft Enterprise to ensure it meets your exact requirements.  farmsoft Enterprise provides rapid R.O.I. for fast growing professional farms.  

Farm software for fruit & vegetable, loose leaf, coffee, tobacco, flower farming.
Farm software for fruit & vegetable, loose leaf, coffee, tobacco, flower farming.

Easy to use farm management solution.  

Rapid implementation.  Use your tablet, phone, PC, Mac from the cloud.

Implement a simple traceability solution, or comprehensive enterprise farm management, the choice is yours…

farmsoft delivers real world benefits to your farm…

  • Best practices increase productivity and enforce sustainable farming practices and processes – even over multiple farms using different standards producing different varieties of fruit and vegetables
  • Reduce farm wide risk by guaranteeing easy to record and highly accurate traceability systems
  • Rapid management response improves profit via on-screen and emailed alerts, improved reporting, mobile monitoring, and easy farm wide monitoring and observation systems
  • Improve cash flow management – information flows from the budget monitoring systems, allowing farm managers to easily assess farming progress analyzed by farm, produce, site, or farming area
  • Identify opportunities & eliminate problems through easy to understand comprehensive KPI reporting and monitoring
  • Improve communication between farming teams via accurate task management tools, alert systems, and printing tasks.
  • Reduced administration costs resulting from easy collection and reporting of costs and traceability information
  • Enhance cash flow and profit via easy to use, comprehensive planning of resources and farming activities
  • Stop employees from forgetting PHI & re-entry periods by automatic (configurable) alerts and critical stops in task management systems
  • Reduce waste and inaccuracy in harvesting processes using mobile and bar code based systems
  • Reduced material & labor costs are a direct result of accurate capture & monitoring of employee labor, and inventory management
  • Pass audits with ease by having farm wide traceability and operations information, at your fingertips in a useful format; at all times
  • Reduced compliance costs result from standards enforcing processes that form the core of  Farm Management ERP
  • Better support from agronomists by allowing remote monitoring of farming activities (you choose what information to share)
  • Minimize material waste and shrinkage via easy to use inventory management processes that incorporate traceability processes
  • Better planting decisions are achieved using the Best Practice Planting Estimate system based on projected yield, demand, and future orders

Farm software for fruit & vegetable, loose leaf, coffee, tobacco, flower farming.
Farm software for fruit & vegetable, loose leaf, coffee, tobacco, flower farming.

Concentrating on traceability, cost monitoring & control, budgeting, reporting / KPI analysis, and resource and employee accountability – farmsoft farm software delivers a rapidly implementable and easily configured farm management solution at a competitive price.  

Expert solution consultants provide deployment and setup advise to bring your farm maximum benefits from every farming pre-harvest process.   Download the farm software brochure, farming app details,  view sample farming reports, and watch the video.  

Choose the best software for agriculture – chose modules your farm wishes to implement, and make use of our 14+ years of experience implementing and supporting solutions in dozens of countries. farmsoft helps maintain sustainable farming practices, ensuring farm longevity and profitability.  Implement a simple farm software solution, or a comprehensive farm software management system, its your choice!  

FarmSoft Farm software  for fruit, vegetable, flower, coffee (and other fresh produce) improves  profit, traceability, and enforces best farming practices for broad farming and vertical farming.  A FarmSoft consultant will work closely with your farm to ensure a perfectly tailored solution to meet & exceed all of your business management challenges, this extra service separates FarmSoft farm software from other solutions.  

farmsoft is considered among the best farm management software solutions in agriculture for farm ERP and agriculture solutions, and farm record keeping –

and is used in universities around the world to teach farming students farming technology.  Farm traceability is enforced by FarmSoft including both pre-harvest traceability and post-harvest traceability. Comprehensive features from task management, best farming practice enforcement, equipment management, through to soil analysis (SAP – for all soil types) and advanced observations record keeping make FarmSoft one of the best farm software choices available.  Integrate with financial packages (SAP, Oracle, Dynamics etc).

farm software
Farm software from farmsoft

Farm software features from farmsoft:

  • Manage farm records including spray, fertilizer, harvest, planting, weeding, and more.
  • Prepare farm budgets rapidly
  • Compare estimated costs with actual costs, in real time
  • Receive alerts when a team/employee is late (or will be) completing a task
  • Access farm tasks from any device (smartphone, tablet) from any location
  • Traceability tools allow rapid recall based on crop, block, farm, site, harvest date, batch/patch name, inventory batch/lot number, supplier of inventory and more…
  • Project harvest units and harvest weight
  • Project harvest details such as breakdown of color, size, grade, and other harvested produce details
  • Install FarmSoft on your own server, or access it via the cloud from your smartphone, tablet, Mac, or PC.
  • Comprehensive cost reporting (real time)
  • Inventory management, stock takes, expiring inventory management, minimum inventory levels, inventory re-order alerts, inventory traceability
  • Purchase order management
  • Multi-site and multi-farm management allows an unlimited number of independently operating farms in the group (each farm can only view its own data, inventory, tasks, etc)
  • Best practice management automatically creates farm tasks with estimated inventory, employees, and equipment (assets)
  • Project inventory, employee, asset, and contractor requirements up to 12 month in advance
  • Asset and equipment management records on-going usage details and applies costs to crop on which the asset is used
  • Attach maps, documents, and images to land areas and manage land allocation (including leased land, land owned by external entities, and contracted farm land)
  • Flexible quality control systems allow the creation of QC for any purpose, for example “Pre Harvest Checklist”, “Spray QC Checklist”. These QC programs can be automatically presented to users when performing farm tasks.

Farm software from farmsoft