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Travel and Logistics Testing Service

The digital disruption, ever-evolving customer preferences, and the changing scenarios post-pandemic have necessitated the travel and logistics industry to deliver more personalized solutions. This has spurred the need for effective testing services for these businesses to ensure a more remarkable customer experience with high-quality and scalable solutions.

TestingXperts offers specialized QA testing services to the travel and logistics industry to meet your digital transformation moves. We enable continuous delivery and DevOps solutions to improve the functional capabilities and ensure faster delivery of quality Travel & Logistics software. Tx enables end-to-end testing services to airlines, motor freight services, shipping and ports, logistics providers, and support services in this segment with next-gen testing services (AI, ML & RPA) to deliver operational excellence, a great customer experience, and quicker ROI with cost-effective solutions.

Challenges In Travel & Logistics Industry

  • Ever-increasing customer preferences and the need for more personalized solutions
  • Travel apps continue to face security issues, with vulnerabilities surfacing all around
  • Travel apps continue to face problems with API integrations
  • Bugs identification in some apps post-market release
  • Travel and logistics apps face mobile app compatibility issues with various devices
  • Performance issues within these apps adversely affect the travel industry
  • Payment gateway integration issues in apps jeopardize the customer experience

IP-Led Testing Services for Travel & Logistics Industry

Specialized Testing Services

AI-Based Testing
RPA Testing
Mobile App Testing (Android/IOS)
API Testing
Cross-Browser Testing
User Acceptance Testing

Non-Functional Testing Services

Performance Testing
Security Testing
Accessibility Testing
Usability Testing
ETL & Dataware House Testing

Function Testing Services

Test Automation (Web & Mobile)
Automated smoke Ttesting
System Integration Testing
Graphical User Interface Testing

Travel & Logistics Testing Solutions

  • Real-time Optimization of Transit Solutions
  • Assignment handling
  • Inbound management
  • Outbound shipping
  • Freight management
  • Vehicle tracking
  • Automated booking models
  • Supply chain management
automation testing
  • Loading & Tracking Improvement
  • Warehouse management
  • Order consolidation
  • Automated Route planning
  • Billing & cost management
  • Transport management
  • Legacy system transformations
  • Inventory management

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TestingXperts Differentiators

  • Testing teams with domain knowledge and hands-on experience in the travel and logistics industry
  • End-to-end testing of applications for functionality, security, usability, performance, and accessibility to deliver more incredible CX
  • TCoE established to ensure better testing outcomes and faster time-to-market
  • AI-based testing to deliver efficient testing and improve the ROI
  • Travel and logistics app testing to ensure effective integrations with third-party apps
  • Flexible engagement models, i.e., Project-based, Managed, Staffing/Time & Material to fulfill varying business needs.
  • Multiplatform travel and logistics software testing to ensure seamless compatibility of apps
  • Chatbot testing for Travel & Logistics Apps to ensure seamless chat support 24/7
  • Teams have hands-on experience working with commercial and open-source tools
  • Ready to use in-house software testing accelerators like Tx-automate, Tx-Perfkit, Tx-Secure, Tx-DevOps, etc.
  • Cost-effective solutions
  • 24x7 seamless support

Software Testing and Quality Assurance Services for Airlines Industry

The airline industry faces challenges with ever-changing customer behavior and increased competition. Airlines carriers should adopt digital transformation and need to deliver a great customer experience to attract and retain customers. Moreover, today’s airline travelers continue to reserve airline tickets online, which requires airlines and other airline-based travel agency apps and websites to function seamlessly.

Next-gen specialist (AI & RPA) testing services play an important role in ensuring high-quality app performance to deliver a great CX. TestingXperts offers a wide range of quality assurance and testing services, including testing the application’s business rule implementation, systems integration testing, and automation framework development for faster testing outcomes based on the business need. We also enable functional testing with lifecycle automation and non-functional testing services, including security, usability, performance, accessibility, and reliability of apps while ensuring faster time-to-market.

Effective QA services for the Airlines Sector include:

Ticket Management
Order Management
Flight Management
Customer Management
Vehicle Management
Fleet Management
Weight Management
Inventory Management
Cargo Tracking
Baggage Management

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