Next-gen Specialist QA Services for End-to-End Testing of the Insurance Lifecycle

Resulting in Improved ROI and Operational Efficiency with Seamless CX

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Insurance Testing Services

TestingXperts has extensive industry experience enabling next-gen specialist QA and software testing services for global clients across various domains. With an in-depth QA insurance domain experience leveraging in-house AI accelerators and RPA-based automation frameworks, we ensure to deliver scalable and robust insurance products with faster testing outcomes. Our focus is to keep pace with the evolving insurance market across the agile and DevOps projects, ensure regulatory compliance, and provide high-quality solutions enabling seamless customer experience (CX).

Some Insurance Industry Pain Points

  • Increasing costs due to post-production defects
  • Handling high volumes of data churned for policy administration, claims, payments, audit surveys, and third-party integrations
  • Complying with industry regulations
  • Managing integrated insurance systems

Address These Insurance Challenges With Next-Gen QA Services

  • Increase IT efficiency with quality QA services and reduce Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Modernize core Insurance systems and make them future proof
  • Design integration test scenarios covering comprehensive insurance business rules
  • Help businesses comply with industry regulations
  • Manage third-party vendor systems, ensuring seamless integrations

Impact of QA Services Across Insurance Apps


Faster Time-To-Market


QA Cost Savings


Higher Operational Efficiency


Reduction In Man-Hours

Testing Omnichannel Insurance Solutions

Life Insurance, Annuity & Pension

  • Individual
  • Institutional
  • Government/State sponsored
  • Social Insurance
  • Private Plans
  • Underwriting life insurance

Health and Disability

  • Medical Expense Insurance
  • Medical expense policies
  • Disability income policies

Property and Casualty

  • Building and Personal Property Coverage (BPP)
  • Commercial Insurance
  • Marine Insurance
  • Professional liability Insurance


  • Auto Insurance
  • Homeowners Policy
  • Garage & motor carrier


  • Medical Expense Insurance
  • Personal Property Coverage
  • Coverage for Trip Cancellation
    and Curtailment


  • Risk transfer
  • Arbitrage
  • Proportional Insurance
  • Non-personal Insurance

Other Key Insurance Areas Our QA Services Cater To

Policy Administration
Third-Party Administration
Advanced Analytics and Business Intelligence
Underwriting Modules
Risk Management
Quality Kiosks
Claims Management (Triage & Assignment)
Regulatory and Compliance
Call Center
Document and
Distribution Management
Agency Management
Legacy Apps Modernization

TestingXperts Range of Digital Testing Services for Insurance Sector

  • Functional & Automated Testing
  • Mobile App Testing
  • RPA Testing With Bots
  • Database Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Accessibility Testing
  • Usability Testing
  • AI-Based Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • ETL Testing
  • Insurance Test Center of Excellence (TCoE)

Benefits For Insurance Businesses With Our Digital QA Services

  • Deliver seamless insurance solutions without any performance bottlenecks
  • Deliver scalable and robust insurance products to enable a seamless customer experience CX
  • Ensures faster time-to-market with AI and RPA-based automation
  • Ensure 100% automation of smoke and regression tests for faster testing outcomes
  • Reduce overall regression testing time by nearly 90%
  • Help to achieve zero production defects
  • Continuous testing ensures quicker releases and faster time-to-market
  • Reusable test scripts reduce the overall testing costs
  • Save up to 40% on QA costs

TestingXperts Insurance Test Center Of Excellence (TCoE)

We cater end-to-end testing of the lifecycle of Insurance solutions to enable high-quality outcomes for customers. Our Insurance Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) has a well-defined tool-agnostic framework, test accelerators, a comprehensive testing approach, tools, metrics, and governance with many Insurance domain QA experts. We cater to the insurance regulations, and our QA engineers have experience in performing testing specific to state-wise insurance regulations and federal regulations such as the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), Financial Services Authority (FSA UK), Association of British Insurers (ABI), Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDA), and Unclaimed Property ACT (UPA).

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Ready-to-use AI & RPA-based Frameworks and Accelerators for Testing Insurance Applications

Tx Accelerators/Frameworks Benefits to Businesses
  • Bot-led testing ensures quicker and more robust testing outcomes
  • Ensures greater code coverage and reduces test cycle time significantly
  • Ready-to-use framework for security and performance testing engagements
  • 30% QA cost savings within the testing engagement
  • Ready-to-use templates help save time and chargeable effort while starting,
    and reporting on software projects
  • Improves overall IT life cycle management with test effectiveness and
  • 30% savings in time and cost
  • Improves the code quality and delivery speed
  • 25-30% time is saved with clear visibility of the entire DevOps project
  • Supports NLP model test and real-time monitoring of chatbots
  • Effective testing of conversational flows
  • 30% faster test creation
  • 40% lesser maintenance efforts
  • 90% reduction of efforts to run tests
  • 80% reduction in regression testing cycle

Tx-UiPath Test Suite CoE

TestingXperts has set up the Tx-UiPath Test Suite Center of Excellence (CoE) with a state-of-the-art test lab in its global office in Chandigarh, India, to design and implement UiPath Test Suite-based testing solutions for its global clients. This CoE helps to:

  • Adopt a business process-driven approach to testing
  • Extract the best analytics and reporting
  • Enable quick decision making
  • Accelerate testing process
  • Faster testing outcomes without manual intervention
help testing

TestingXperts Differentiators

  • Our Insurance QA services leverage AI, ML, RPA, and No-code/low-code automation to deliver a great customer experience with superior insurance solutions.
  • Tool, technology, and device-agnostic frameworks and accelerators ensure faster testing outcomes.
  • Dedicated Test Center of Excellence (TCoE) for Performance, Security, mobile, and packaged applications
  • Reusable test repositories to enable reduced time-to-market
  • Greater E2E test coverage and proven testing methodologies to allow seamless integration with the insurance project development life cycle
  • Successfully delivered insurance testing projects to Fortune 2000 clients with a team of 50+ insurance domain experts with over 1000+ QA experts in-house
  • Rich pool of expert resources having end-to-end functional knowledge of the insurance business processes
  • Enable flexible resourcing models to best meet client’s business needs
  • Efficient quality gates mechanism ensuring post-production defect reduction
  • Pay as you go pricing
  • 24x7 seamless customer support

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