Fresh produce inventory

Fresh produce inventory with optional RFID pallet control

  • Bar-code labels and inventory & pallet management, stock take (mobile & PC), cold store, 3D storage, shipping container management...
  • Manage the sales process by scanning pallets onto orders/invoice, or simply select inventory from a list if you don't use the bar-code scanning Android app.
  • Reduce fresh inventory waste with FIFO and bar-code inventory management & waste alerts & reporting.
    Generate accurate labels, automatic paperwork, quickly, and accurately. Reporting and KPI for fresh inventory and perishable goods.  
  • Manage all fresh produce inventory, packaging materials, and raw materials. Full stock-take, inventory auditing, inventory reporting, ageing inventory analysis and more...


Fresh produce inventory
Fresh produce inventory

Manage & monitor inventory

Inventory storage and status (ie: in processes such as sorting, grading, cooling, ripening etc) of all produce, especially FIFO and alerts for ageing inventory help to reduce post harvest inventory losses of fresh produce.

Inventory audit

Inventory movement, creation date, date of loading, date of entry into a batch, inventory quality tests and more is being captured in the background, providing an inventory audit trail of which inventory was stored where at what times, and moved by whom; providing an unparalleled background traceability and inventory auditing management for all fresh produce inventory.  DOWNLOAD THE RFID INVENTORY CONTROL BROCHURE


Optionally use bar code        

Inventory control for fresh produce with rugged tablet or smartphone, or add a Bluetooth/WiFi scanner to any device that doesn't have built in scanning for precise inventory control.


Fresh produce inventory
Fresh produce inventory

Inventory mobility

Move fresh produce between cool rooms, ripening rooms, hyrdro-coolers, and warehouses (with and without bar code scanning).  Move inventory between pallets or even build new pallets instantly with or without inventory bar-code use.

Multi-site inventory

Manage fresh produce that is stored across many sites, including sites anywhere in the country, or even across the world with unlimited sites and warehouse storage areas, which can even use 3D storage to increase accuracy in large cool rooms and warehouses.  Rapidly move inventory between sites using the inventory site to site transfer, simply scan the transfer document at the destination site to officially log the inventory at the destination site.  View the exact location of all inventory at all times including inventory in transit, and view pallet maps to see exactly where a pallet is in a coolroom.

Inventory stock-take

Stock take fresh produce based on comprehensive filters allowing rapid stock takes of very specific produce, or stock takes in specific locations, or for specific finished products, produce historical stock takes, optional bar-code stock-take functions

Fresh produce inventory
Fresh produce inventory

Manage inventory using unique identifiers

Inventory management using unique identifiers for each inventory item, including over 60 labels with bar code and human readable options, and the ability to design your own labels or ask your consultant to design them for you.  Pallets, batches, quality tests, deliveries, and shipment also have unique identifiers to ensure maximum inventory traceability.  

Manage raw fresh produce inventory      

Manage raw and finished inventory that is on pallets, or not on pallets; at unlimited sites, cool rooms, and depots.  


Inventory pricing        

Set standard (current) sale prices for different types of inventory (produce, variety, feature, customer).  Create price lists and authorize which customers are entitled to which fresh produce price list; these prices are automatically added when an order is placed by that customer from the Customer Portal (or manually entered by your team/imported).


Manage expiring inventory

With the ultimate goal of zero inventory waste, farmsoft helps you track the age of inventory and ensures it is used, packed, or sold long before expiry of quality loss happens.

Full pallet inventory management

Full pallet management and control, manage and track pallet types, pallet labels and pallet stock take.  Track the balance of your empty pallet inventory, pallets given to you by external suppliers, and pallets your company gives to customers to ensure a current inventory balance of pallets is always available (for each customer and supplier, and your own company).  

Fresh produce inventory
Fresh produce inventory

Inventory delivery receipts

Print delivery receipts for suppliers/farms, or have them automatically emailed to the supplier during inventory delivery. Receive an alert if a delivery is made that doesn't match the original purchase order.

Assign inventory to purchase orders

During inventory delivery, simply scan the purchase order (or select it from a list, or enter the PO number) to assign inventory to the purchase order - giving you robust traceability directly back to the supplier from the instant the inventory is delivered.

Field to packhouse inventory scanning            

As an alternative to using screen with big image buttons for deliveries, you can issue bar-codes to the farm, or your suppliers, that can be rapidly scanned during delivery.  This provides a high level of traceability and makes inventory deliveries very fast and accurate because manual user input is being avoided.


Inventory labels and identification  

All inventory or pallets or bins or totes/bags have a label rapidly issued to identify the inventory during initial delivery.


inventory fresh produce
Inventory management fresh produce

Bar-code inventory management

Use your phone or tablet (rugged or regular) to scan inventory & pallets to:

* move inventory location

* sell / add to order / invoice

* add to a batch

* stock-take or perform quality control

* look up full details

* reprint pallet or inventory labels

* scan harvested units (bin/tote/crate etc) to collect harvest pay or contractor pay information (requires farming module)

inventory fruit vegetable
Inventory management for fresh produce

Inventory management with or without bar-codes...

Select from lists of produce to move, sell, add to batch/manipulate fresh produce.

You don't have to use bar-codes to maintain easy and accurate fresh produce inventory management.

Receive First In First Out (FIFO) sales suggestions based on inventory age and current orders.

Achieving Proactive Inventory Traceability

Traceability for safety and quality control. Traceability systems help firms isolate the source and extent of safety or quality control problems. This helps reduce the production and distribution of unsafe or poor-quality products, which in turn reduces the potential for bad publicity, liability, and recalls. The better and more precise the tracing system, the faster a producer can identify and resolve food safety or quality problems. One surveyed milk processor uniquely codes each item to identify time of production, line of production, place of production, and sequence. With such specific information, the processor can trace faulty product to the minute of production and determine whether other products from the same batch are also defective.

In 2016, UM Dining unveiled South Avenue Garden, which is approximately three times larger than Lommassen Garden. At the time of this story's publishing, construction is about to commence on a roughly 500-square-foot greenhouse near the South Avenue Garden. Scheduled to open by fall 2017, the greenhouse will utilize ground-to-air heat transfer, which Lowell says will presumably extend the growing season by four or five months. One of the challenges, especially at schools, is that your harvest seasons don't line up with the busiest times for your operations,” Lowell says. So, we're always looking for ways — ‘Can we value-add some of our garden produce? Can we pickle it or store it or can it?' We worked with the State Department of Ag here in Montana on this grant project, and they gave us some grant money to build this greenhouse.”