TestingXperts (Tx) strongly upholds the values of inclusive growth that encompasses all sections of society and does not believe in any false notions of development that is about rich people making more and everyone else getting hosed. With the support from government and non-government organizations, Tx has been able to extend its support to the vulnerable domains that goes beyond business ambitions. Many Tx volunteers have come forward to host an array of Healthcare and Educational programs and spread general awareness amongst the masses. The employees at Tx prefer electronic communication over the use of paper while exploiting technological resources for better to reach the needy, are some of the objectives undertaken by our enterprise towards society’s substantial transformation.

Green Environment – Bringing a Difference

Green environment: Our offices are all set to reduce and minimize the environmental footprint and protect biodiversity with green plants all around our offices.

Installed Solar Panels: In our Chandigarh office, solar panels have been instituted to generate power naturally, which has significantly reduced the power usage and helped us go green.

Tree plantation Activity: Our teams have taken up tree plantation drives to ensure more greenery within Chandigarh city, India.

Lending a Helping Hand

Partnering with NGOs: We have partnered with certain NGOs and funding them towards ‘Girl Child education.’ We are committed to promoting community upliftment by collaborating with other NGOs also to help society. Our teams have organized clothes donations during winter for homeless and underprivileged people living on the roads during the year 2018.

Sahayata society affiliation: Sahayta Cancer Sahyog endeavors to provide holistic help to individuals touched by cancer. We have partnered with this society intended to instill confidence, hope, and courage in the minds of patients and their family members. We extend our helping hand, after assessing the situation, according to the varying needs of the individuals (social, emotional, financial, or relating to information) without hurting their self-respect. As responsible members of this society, we help this organization in many ways.

Bulk ration donation: Our teams have organized bulk ration donation by partnering with the local Rotary Club at Chandigarh, India, during the pandemic 2020.

WISH Tree: Organized Christmas ‘WISH TREE’ that was participated by all employees across offices, and the gifts placed on the Christmas tree were distributed to orphanage children and other underprivileged children.

Arranged office visits for orphanage children: Arranged quick office visits for the children at orphanages to make them feel the office environment and exposed them to play for some time with computers.

Conducted Hackathon: TestingXperts (Tx) conducted a unique event to broaden exposure and foster greater access to the world of computer technology for young coding enthusiasts. Tx invited over 50 schools from in and around Chandigarh, India, out of which Tx nominated 15 teams for the final round. This ideation event promotes a culture of innovation and collaboration between the participants and the IT community. This event presented numerous opportunities for young and talented minds to get trained on some latest IT technologies.

COVID-19 Pandemic Response Initiatives

Health & safety of employees first: As a responsible company, we place the health & safety of our employees first. We were the first to ensure all our employees were given WFH during March 2020 and all our employees continue WFH to date.

Wellness and nutrition programs for employees: Organizing regular Wellness activities with leading Wellbeing & Nutrition Experts to ensure our employees maintain their health and happiness through these challenging times.

COVID-19 Vaccination drive for employees: Conducted a COVID-19 vaccination campaign for employees at the Chandigarh Office, India, in collaboration with STPI & TiE Chandigarh on 29th April 2021.

Other Initiatives

Environment: works on sustainability and environment initiatives such as reducing per capita energy consumption, reducing water consumption, plan tree plantation drives etc.

Compliance: responsible for providing Equal Employment Opportunities, enabling a safe working environment and adopting fair trade practices

Community Development: promotes community upliftment in collaboration with various local non-profit organizations, includes initiatives focused around food security, child education, cancer treatment etc.

Technology Innovation: Promoting innovation and ideas through hackathons and other initiatives

Tree Plantation Activity

Our teams organized this ‘Tree Plantation’ activity at our Chandigarh, INDIA office. Click here to catch a glimpse of images from this event.

Hackathon Navikarnam:

A unique event to broaden exposure and foster greater access to the world of computer technology for young coding enthusiasts. This exclusive tech-event will include website development (HTML, etc.), App development, Programming, Animation, or any other IT skill which will need basic knowledge of computers to coordinate efforts within the student coding community. Tx has invited over 50 schools from in and around Chandigarh, India out of which, Tx will identify and nominate up to 15 teams for the final rounds. This ideation event aims to promote a culture of innovation and collaboration within the participants and the IT community. This event will present numerous opportunities for the young and talented minds to get trained and prepared on ultramodern technologies by the Subject Matter Experts. Check detailed Press-release here and website here

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